Many new sweater designers want to add the cashmere sweater collections to their brands, however they don’t know what yarn materials to use. Today we collect below cashmere yarn mills information for reference. The world’s cashmere raw materials mainly come from China, Mongolia, Iran and Turkey. Among them, China’s cashmere output accounts for 70% of the world’s cashmere production. The Alxa League and the A’erbasi Sumu area in Inner Mongolia produce the world’s top cashmere raw materials. Below list the world’s well-known cashmere yarn mills, among which Italian mills have purchased most of the best cashmere raw materials in China and the remaining is taken by Chinese mills. The competition among these cashmere mills is the competition for raw cashmere materials. We will introduce cashmere yarn mill separately for their raw material implementation standards and spinning process. The following is an overview of international cashmere yarn suppliers.

Loro Piana  is a world-wide famous Italian cashmere yarn mill, also a garment brand owned by LVMH group.

loro piana cashmere yarn cone

Consinee  is a famous Chinese cashmere yarn mill. Their spinning technique is from Italy and the quality is top level as Loro Piana. Many top high end fashion brands also use their cashmere.

Consinee cashmere yarn cone

Cariaggi  is a cashmere mill from Italy. For brands such as BRUNELLO CUCINELLI prefere to use their yarn.

Filati Biagioli Modesto  is an Italian yarn mill, headquartered in Montale, Italy

M.ORO Cashmere  is a famous Chinese yarn mill produces cashmere.

Moro Cashmere yarn cone

XINAO Cashmere  is a famous Chinese wool yarn mill. They started to sell cashmere yarn since they acquired Zhongyin Cashmere Group.

Lora & Festa  is a cashmere company from HK. Many Nordic and Australian brands like to use their yarn.

Filpucci  is an Italian yarn mills, famous for the blends yarn and fancy yarns, who have many cashmere blends and fancy yarn for choice.

KVSS cashmere is a yarn brand owned by Erdos . Erdos is recognized as a famous cashmere yarn mill and cashmere knitwear company in China. Their products are sold to all over the world.

King Deer Cashmere  is a cashmere yarn and knitwear producer in China.

King Deer cashmere yarn cone

UPW  is a yarn mill from HK, famous for their high end blends yarn.

UPW cashmere yarn cone

Zhongding Cashmere  is a Chinese cashmere yarn mill which is also popular among the high end garment brands.

Zhongding cashmere yarn cone

Zhonglian Cashmere  is a cashmere company headquartered in Heibei province, with mill set in Zhejiang, China.

There are many smaller and less famous yarn suppliers in China such as Hongye, Tianshan , Aoyu , Landian, Huajiana and Fuhua etc. As the cashmere spinning and dyeing technique is very advanced in China, the supply chain of cashmere yarn or knitwear is very mature in China. Here you will definitely find a good match for your business.

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