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Knit Sweater Sampling Making

Fine Knitting Sampling Making team specializes in developing medium to high end knit sweater samples, by working with our customers cooperatively to make sure the piece can be produced smoothly in mass production.


From sampling to production, it takes 2 months? 3 months? 6 months? It really depends on the staff you are contacting with. With experienced and full knowledge knit sweater staff, we can make your sampling into production process more time-saving and effectively.


We have huge capability to produce any kinds of knit sweater. Reaching out to Fine Knitting for whatever stitch and technique you need, and we are 100% sure that we can produce it for you.


Intarsia knit sweater is one of our specialties. What is the most important factor to make a fine intarsia sweater? It must be ‘experienced workers’. Fine Knitting has an experienced team of workers to make 3gg to 16gg intarsia sweater.

Added Workmanship

To develop a fine sweater, should not only consider the knitting textures, but also added elements, such as hand embroidery, computer embroidery, print, beading, hand crochet etc. Fine Knitting can make the finest this added workmanship for you.

Knit Sweater Consulting

We have experienced professionals who can partner with you at any stage of your samples development, yarn sourcing, stitch issues, and mass production questions.


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Some Examples of Our Work

intarsia sweater 2 | Fine Knitting

16gg intarsia sweater

2/52nm 100% pima cotton

intarsia sweater 1 | Fine Knitting

9gg intarsia sweater

2/26nm 100% cashmere

stripe sweater | Fine Knitting

14gg stripe knit vest

2/32nm 95% cotton 5% cashmere

jacquard sweater 1 | Fine Knitting

12gg jacquard sweater

1/24nm 65% rayon 35% nylon

jacquard sweater 2 | Fine Knitting

12gg jacquard sweater

1/24nm 65% rayon 35% nylon

hand knitted sweater | Fine Knitting

1.5gg hand knitted sweater

2/26nm 100% cashmere

sequin sweater 1 | Fine Knitting

7gg cables + beading sweater

2/30nm 100% merino wool

sequin sweater 2 | Fine Knitting

16gg jersey + beading sweater

2/48nm 85% cotton 15% cashmere

beading + diamond sweater | Fine Knitting

12gg jersey + beading sweater

2/26nm 100% cashmere

print sweater 2 | Fine Knitting

12gg jersey + print sweater

2/30nm 100% merino wool

print sweater 1 | Fine Knitting

7gg jersey + print sweater

1/8nm Mousse

jersey + rib sweater | Fine Knitting | Sweater factory

16gg jersey + rib sweater

2/48nm 85% silk 15% cashmere

hand crochet sweater | Fine Knitting , Sweater factory

7gg jersey + crochet sweater

1/8nm 55% linen 45% cotton

jersey sweater, Sweater factory | Fine Knitting

12gg jersey + rib sweater

2/32nm 95% cotton 5% cashmere

sweater with woven fabric | Fine Knitting

16gg jersey sweater with fabric

1/36nm 75% viscose 25% nylon