SWAROVSKI diamond is recognized as the premier man-made crystal products in the world. “Swarovski” rhinestones are world-famous for their unique crystal cutting and setting. Its cutting surface can be as many as 30 faces, so the refractive index is very high, resulting the appearance is shimmering and sparkling, and also because of its strong hardness, the luster stays for a long time, which making it the best of its kind in the world. Swarovski is not only synonymous with man-made crystal products, but also a cultural symbol. It has an irreplaceable value and is widely used in the top fashion houses.


Hotfix Steps

1.Choose rhinestones quality

a. Appearance: First, look at the cutting surface of the hot diamond. The more the cutting surface, the higher its refractive index and the better the sparkle. Secondly, check if the cutting surface is irregularity, while cutting teeth, scratches, or bubbles are regarded as inferior products.

b. Adhesive color: Check the color of the adhesive on the back, the color should not have different shades.

c. Firmness: The higher the adhesive melting on the back, the better the firmness of the diamond. The best way to identify the diamond firmness is to wash a hotfix garment in a washing machine. If it does not fall off after washing, which proves the fastness is good, and if it falls off after washing, the firmness is bad.

2. Hotfix motifs

According to the design motifs provided by the customers, technicians transfer the patterns to the cardboard by using a laser machine to cut out the same pattern on the cardboard. See below photo for reference.


3. Hotfix arrange

Put the hotfix on the prepared hot cardboard, and then use a brush or a piece of cloth to sweep the hotfix to the hollow parts. If there is missing, repeat the action several times. Cover the hotfix with hot fix tape, in this way, the pattern is transferred from the cardboard to the hot fix tapes.

4. Hot fixing

Put the knitwear on the table, peel off the white lining paper of the hot fix tape, then place the sticky paper with the hot fix on the knitwear at the right place, and flatten it with your hands to make sure the sticky paper sticks to the knitwear.

Below video shows how the hotfix stick to the hot fix tapes.

Hotfix Method

1.High temperature pressing: using an iron to press the hot fix, as there are small holes under the iron which affects the heat, so move the iron back and forth when ironing to make the heat evenly. In this way, the stickiness will be firm.


2. Manual heat press machine: Lay the knitwear flat on this work board, put a board inside of the knitwear to prevent pressing on the other layer of knitwear. After pressing 30 to 60 seconds, open the work board and take out the knitwear.


3. Ultrasonic hotfix welding machine: Mark the position where you need hotfix, use the machine to suck up the diamonds one by one, and weld them at the marked position. This method can be carried out directly without using cardboard or hot fix tape.


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