What are the advantages of FINE KNITTING over its peers?

There are thousands of factories producing sweaters/knitwear in China, why choose FINE KNITTING? Compared with its peers, what are the advantages of FINE KNITTING? Below points are for your consideration.

  1. Fine Knitting’s ideas of pursuing ultimate perfection, preciseness, persistence, and excellence has been passed on for 2 generations.
  2. 40 years of the technology and experience have been passed on. Our factory can implement small orders production to meet the needs of the Japanese market.
  3. The construction of the factory management and technical team have been completed 10 years ago. The average age of the new team members is 35 years old. The foreign trade team is even more excellent. When communicating with clients, they have always been recognized efficient, good understanding and communication.
  4. The factory has exquisite experiences in sweater/knitwear workmanship, such as intarsia, hand embroidery, crochet, tie-dye printing, digital printing, special embroidery and woven-knit combine garment.
  5. Our products are produced in a 100% safe and healthy environment. Our staff have uniforms, management training, and staff welfare. It is a home-like environment.
  6. Our factory is clean and hygienic, and 5S management is carried out here. Our workshop is bright, the office is comfortable, and the work area is cleaned every day.
  7. Our factory production control implements Japanese quality requirements, and has strict controls on the use of needles and knives, and we have regular inspections on the needles and knives.
  8. We check the needle detector every day, and all staff know the 9 points system check for the needle detector.
  1. We have always attached importance to social responsibility and assume more social responsibility under the premise of sustainable development of Fine Knitting.

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