Why the cashmere sweaters’ price difference is so big? From USD25.0 to USD300.0?

Some cashmere sweaters’ price is 25.0USD, and the others are 300.0USD. What is the difference? How can we distinguish these garment? Low quality cashmere sweater not only become tweaked easily when wear, but also easy to pilling. Cashmere sweater is expensive and customers would like to wear for decades instead of one-off product. Besides the fashion of the sweater, customers should take more care about the quality. We can follow below points when we purchase cashmere sweater:

  1. Does the content is true cashmere? Angora or wool have always been regarded as cashmere by many suppliers, but actually it does not have any cashmere inside. They make the texture and handfeel like cashmere by washing. Actually the yarn structure is destroyed, and it will be shrinkage and deformation when wear some times. That is false identification.
  2. As the cashmere material is expensive, the sweater price difference is very large between different cashmere content percentage. The following are the most common cashmere content for reference.

10%cashmere,90% wool 12gg

30%cashmere,70% wool 12gg

100%cashmere 12gg

100% cashmere sweater is sold around 100.0 USD to 500.0 USD. If you buy at a lower price, you must be careful if your cashmere sweater is true or not.

  1. The finer the yarn count, the more expensive the material, resulting the price is more expensive. That’s why18gg cashmere sweater is expensive. Price will be affected by yarn count, raw material grade, craftsmanship and the weight of the garment.
  2. The cashmere quality is also affected by the grade of cashmere raw materials. There are many levels of cashmere material for the same mill. So when we choose it, we need to know if the material is coarse, short or inferior. Is there any description of the fineness and length of cashmere raw materials? Generally, the fineness of cashmere raw materials within 15.5 microns and the length longer than 32 cm is considered as high-quality.

Finer cashmere means the fiber thickness is less than or equal to 14.5μm.

Fine cashmere means the fiber thickness is less than 16μm and more than 14.5μm.

Heavy cashmere means the fiber thickness is less than 25μm and more than 16μm.

Heavy cashmere means the fiber thickness is more than 16μm. Heavy cashmere is applied anywhere due to its lower price. Many dealers choose it in order to save cost. Cashmere coat is full of heavy cashmere, short cashmere and recycled cashmere etc. It is also very rare to find a pure cashmere coat with high grade and high quality in the market.

  1. Don’t believe in cheap and good cashmere。Don’t buy the false cashmere sweater because of the low price. As high-quality product is not cheap. Maybe you buy an inferior product. Inferior product means the cheap cashmere material by chemical treatment, such as shedding. We must avoid these things because seller never make business at a loss.
  2. Pay attention to avoid fluffy area is wide on the sweater as the quality may not good. Many factories make the garment surface very fluffy by washing. Don’t just look at the surface, actually, it’s adverse to wear long time and it is easy to pilling. If you wear inferior cashmere sweater, it is particularly easy to pilling.
  3. The quality and workmanship of cashmere sweaters are particularly important, there should be a difference of 5.0USD to 10.0USD. It should be very strict during cashmere sweater production. Craftsmanship details shall be careful and delicate. Especially at the handfeel point, the fluffy effect must be modest, as it is very easily damage and then lose some natural and unique characteristics like softness and smoothness.

How can we avoid purchasing cashmere sweaters with false content?

  1. Request the seller provides test report. Cashmere mill can provide the inspection certificate.
  2. Check the sample about the fiber. Fiber is the most important method to identify the cashmere. False cashmere is blends fiber with straight and slender characteristics, without any curl, and it’s not easy to break when pulled. The fiber in pure cashmere is curl obviously and short.
  3. We can feel the glossy and the texture when touch the cashmere. High-quality cashmere has good glossy, especially the high-quality cashmere, the glossy is like silk-feel.
  4. Generally, high-quality cashmere will recover its elasticity immediately after grasping. And the hands do not feel wet.
  5. Cashmere sweater has elasticity and fluffy, and if cashmere sweater has some folds, shake it or hang it for a while then the folds will disappear. Cashmere sweater has good skin affinity and hygroscopicity. It feels very comfortable with the skin when wear.

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