What is the processing of sweater sample development?

Investigate the development direction of sweaters for the new season

  1. Collect data: Collect the latest fashion trend information of sweaters domestic and overseas. Combined with the company’s brand positioning, as well as the past sales data, customer feedback data, competitor data, industry data, etc and all kinds of market information. Making full investigation and determine the development direction of sweaters for the new season.
  2. Plan and prepare the sweater sample development, including: styles, yarns, colors, trims, patterns, craftsmanship, prices, etc and the schedule of sample development.

Determine the design drawings

  1. According to series of the sweater development, designers make the drawings first.
  2. Discuss the new designs, modify if needed, and coordinate the yarns, trims with the styles.
  3. Making the tech packs with styles, measurements, yarns, stitches, gauges, craftsmanship’s info.

Making Sample

  1. Provide all the tech packs and relevant information to factory and prepare for sampling.
  2. The factory is required to make knit swatches to check the tension, stitch and handfeel. See whether the actual effect conforms to the design concept.
  3. Strengthen communication with factory. Any questions are required to be raised and solved. The design theoretical idea will be modified in actual processing. It must be referred during the samples processing. Communication with the merchandiser and technician and adjust the details to achieve the desired outcome.
  4. Factory always record all the information of the samples like measurements, weight, timing of each process, cost, and the problem during the knitwear sample processing.

Reviewing Sample

  1. Sweater samples are classified and displayed according to style and series.
  2. The design department, marketing department and corresponding personnel review the samples and do the fittings, and then provide the comments. And also check if the costs match to their level.
  3. If the sample is determined, then will require salesman samples for selling at the fashion fair. Or some customers do not attend to fashion fair but also require salesman samples for shooting.

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