Daily work requirements for the yarn warehouse in sweater factory

Today we share our requirements for each department in the daily work of the factory, starting with the yarn warehouse. A good quality sweater requires the cooperation of all processes. Each worker is important to the factory, and quality should start from daily details.

1.Whether the yarn warehouse is clean.

2.The weight of yarn must be weighed by electronic scale, cannot estimate the weight.

3.The display of the yarn in the warehouse should be clear at a glance and easy to take the yarns.

4.The yarns need to be stacked and stored. They can be stored by customers or categories of yarns.

5.The boxes for storing yarns shall not be damaged.

6.In order to prevent the yarns from mildew, it needs to be placed in a dry and cool place.

7.The purchase and inventory shall be registered according to the actual shipment quantity.

8.The stock in and stock out quantity of yarns shall be entered into the computer system in time to realize data sharing.

9.The stock situation of yarns must be true and can stand verification.

10.When the yarn is put into storage, it shall be registered according to the customer and quality, pasted with a small number of color samples, and sorted into a color card record book.

11.The person in charge of the yarn warehouse shall have a clear understanding of the work details.

12.The yarn pouring place shall be clean.

13.The hank and winding machine should work smoothly and should be checked daily.

14.When the yarn is wrapped into the cones, it shall be carried out according to dark, medium and light colors.

15.When wrap yarn, it is necessary to avoid mixed yarn and set ventilation fan.

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